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Who are we and why are we here? What makes this website different? is a job posting and resume matching website specifically for Underwater Professionals who make their living by working under a waterline - ANYWHERE. It is for employers, divers, ROV personnel, supervisors, engineers, managers - and people with long sticks! ANYWHERE!

What makes this site different?

Having been a diver, engineer and manager of a diving firm during my career, I was always faced with the "problem" of getting good personnel when I needed them - or finding the next job that could use my skills. The nature of the business is that it is transient and fast moving - the skill set that I could either provide or was looking for was always changing. How could I get the word out - or how could I find the employer that needed my unique abilities?

There are many websites the offer Companies a platform to post their available Employment Opportunities. These websites are great avenues to explore when searching for available positions throughout the World, but the range of job opportunities posted on these websites have become so fragmented that it is extremely difficult to find the true Underwater Industry related job postings. These sites also display job listings that are outdated and no longer available, but remain posted. This practice gives their visitors a false account of available jobs posted on these sites. What good is a job if it is already gone? What good is a job seeker if they decided to drop out of the industry. Our listings are current - we work hard at keeping that way.

At our name states what we do best - it is about employment of Underwater Professionals - for both those that have the jobs - and those that have the skills to do them. It is about "Professionals helping Professionals". It allows these Professionals to post and search for Underwater Industry related jobs around the world. Our goal is to build the largest database of Underwater Professionals both providing and seeking professionals in the World. was designed and developed to help all Underwater Professionals , who work in related professions, search for new jobs and to aid those looking to begin their careers in this exciting field. UWJobs is especially beneficial for students who have graduated from courses at Colleges, Universities and Career Colleges specializing in subsurface work.

If you are in the business of providing skills to the Underwater Industry, then you have come to the right place.

Keep current - be seen when you surface!

Best regards,
Doug Elsey, P.Eng.

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